A boutique BRAND and WEB DESIGN studio

The story and behind-the-scenes of Alchemy Creative.

About THe Studio

I started Alchemy Creative for two very simple reasons:
1. I really love brand and web design
2. I really hate having a boss

I started working for myself to escape the corporate world and start building a life I could actually thrive in. Two years later, I now work with other small service-based businesses to help them achieve this too.

Through simple, human-centered brand and web design, my mission is to help you  transform your business into resonating brand that attracts dream clients, aligned projects and consistent income with ease.

Alchemy Creative’s


Customers are humans before they are clients; fostering connection between you and your people is at the center of what I do.


I believe “less is more”, and that running a business should not be complicated. I build brands and websites that are designed to make life easier.


My goal will always be to create high quality brands that connect and convert. It is vital that each Alchemy client feels as proud of their brand as I do.

The Alchemy Approach

01. Come together

The Alchemy process is one of collaboration and exploration of the unknown.


Through this combining of the opposite and the diverse, we create the completely new.


Just like the traditional alchemic process, we bring multiple elements and perspectives together.


I am so happy with the end result of what Laura has created for me! She produced a beautiful brand and website which represents me so well.

Marilyn Sophia Yoga

The Facts

I enjoy reading and love to lose myself for months (or years) in a good, long fantasy series

I don’t enjoy being active much but I do love yoga and am learning to love the gym

I have a rescue dog named Ryan who’s a great big sook and I love him to bits!

I love COOKING and am always trying some new recipe i’ve seen on tiktok or instagram (send me all your recipe recs)

Your dream + our expertise.
Let’s make magic