Why I offer custom brand packages

A few years ago, I created 3 premade branding packages to sell to potential clients. I did this for primarily two reasons: it made my design process way more straightforward and it meant my income was generally pretty predictable. Each package had set pricing. 

I thought the simplicity of this setup would appeal to my clients as well. After all, they’re coming to me with a problem and they just want an easy solution, right? But I found that, actually, they wanted custom solutions. 

The limits of set branding packages

I was finding that almost every time I pitched a set branding package to them, my clients would ask to add or remove things. People would come to me wanting a complete branding package with logo, colour palette, business card, which was fine! But they’d also need a heap of other branded collateral that I wasn’t able to offer within that package.

Or the reverse would happen: they’d want a 3-page website but I only offered 5-page websites.

At some point, I decided this kind of arrangement is great for beginner designers refining the way they do things but it wasn’t quite right for me and my clients.

How custom branding packages work

Eventually, I hit upon a hybrid approach to my brand packages: I now offer a mix of set and custom packages on each quote.

After any client discovery call, I create a proposal with 2-3 different options that I think would suit them, based on our conversation. There will usually be a set package on the lower end of their budget, a set package on the higher end that includes useful extras, and at least one custom package that has exactly what they’ve said they need.

This results in clients that feel confident and listened to, and it also means I can provide them with exactly what they need within a budget they’re comfortable with.

Find the right package for you

If you’re shopping around for branding proposals and keep encountering packages or offerings that don’t directly cater to your specific needs, keep looking! Custom packages are becoming increasingly popular. And if you’d like to receive a custom proposal from Alchemy Creative for your next branding project, get in touch! We’d love to hear all about your big idea. 😉



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