An Ideal Client Avatar: What is it and do you need one?

One of the biggest problems small businesses contend with is a lack of interest in what they have to offer or interest from the wrong people.

Let me say right now: there is absolutely interest in your offering – you’re just not reaching the right audience. Something is off in your branding or marketing and needs to be changed so that you can start attracting a more aligned clientele.

Enter the client avatar.

An ideal client avatar is not a real person; it’s a fictional person with the characteristics of your ideal customer. They might be based on a real person that you already know (which makes things a whole lot easier) but you can create a client avatar even if there’s no one exactly like them in your life yet.

Having one is important as it allows you to really delve deeply into your ideal client, what they care about and what makes them tick. The more you can flesh out their persona, the better your client avatar will be.

For instance, my ideal client is a woman named Jackie. Jackie is a Millennial woman of 32. She lives in a trendy, upscale inner-city suburb, in an apartment with her longterm partner. She also owns her own ethical fashion boutique. 

She cares about social and environmental issues, she enjoys yoga, hiking and catching up with friends over brunch or a glass of wine. She’s owned her business for a couple of years now and would like to rebrand in a more luxury-oriented direction. She wants to share simple, timeless, ethically sourced fashion with the world.

You can get really deep into this, like working out what her fears and struggles are and I encourage this. Once you have a clear ideal client avatar in your head, you can then tailor your branding and marketing to appeal to that specific person. If you do it right, you’ll quickly learn there isn’t just one Jackie living in you head, but a whole bunch of them living in the real world too! 



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