3 digital Self Care Tips

I’ve seen a ton of self care advice relating to our physical life but as we spend more time on phones and computers, digital self care is becoming more important. Here are 3 steps I’ve taken to improve this area of my life.

1. Disable notifications

I have Screen Time enabled on my iPhone, which tells me each week exactly how much time I’ve spent looking at it. Currently, I spend about an hour but in the past, it used to be 2-3 hours. What changed this was disabling notifications. I’m talking all types – lock screen, banner-style and badges. Badges are easily the worst ones for me, as they draw me into opening apps that I otherwise just wouldn’t care that much about.

You don’t need to do this for everything. I still have lock screen notifications for Messages and Instagram private messages because I feel better when I know what to expect before opening them…but otherwise? No notifications.

2. Change your Facebook privacy settings

I care about all of my Facebook friends but that doesn’t mean I want them knowing all my thoughts or actions. Sometimes, Idon’t want the stress that comes with certain people’s judgement or opinions on my posts.

While you might know that Facebook allows you to control who sees your posts, you might not know that it also allows you to create Lists. Lists are particularly helpful for when you want your posts to be hidden from large groups of people, or only visible to a group of people.

To create a List, go to Facebook and click on Friend Lists under the Explore heading on the left sidebar.

3. Customise your Facebook feed

Is all the coronavirus talk making you anxious? Are there certain political posts you want to stop seeing? Maybe you just want to only be shown text posts or pictures. My favourite app, FB Purity lets you control all this and more. I downloaded it a few years ago when people kept sharing pimple popping videos and used it to blacklist them. You type in any word and Facebook will make sure you don’t see posts related to that topic.

FB Purity is free and can be downloaded here.  (And no, this isn’t a sponsored ad. I just really love it.)

That’s all for now! I hope you’re keeping safe and well, wherever you are. Remember, self care can be about introducing helpful rituals into your life but it’s also self care to remove things that aren’t serving you at this time – and you don’t need to feel bad about that!



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