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The Mission

To transform your business into an irresistible brand through careful strategy and design.

Our Services

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We don’t just create beautiful visuals. We build an in-depth brand strategy that gives clarity on what you stand for and allows you to connect with your people.

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We design beautiful and functional brand assets that are made with intention, so you can confidently show your business to the world.

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Web design

Our websites are built to meet your needs with minimal stress so that you can confidently convert clients all day, every day.

Case Studies

Marilyn Sophia Yoga


“I am so happy with the end result of what Laura has created for me. She really listened to what I wanted and produced a beautiful brand and website which represents me so well. Laura is very professional and proficient and I enjoyed the whole journey. I highly recommend Laura’s services.”

Peace of Mind VA


You’ve nailed what I want in my business and where I’m going with it perfectly.

I think you’ve basically just kept hitting the nail on the head consistently and you understand my brand and what my vision is so well I don’t think I could have had the same outcome from anyone else. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ALL!!!

The Modern PA


“Laura is incredible! Laura delivered my new logo and branding beyond all my expectations. I was blown about at the very high quality of branding design and I am so proud to use for my small business. I cannot recommend her enough!!”


Website In A Week

For ambitious founders who are ready to hit the ground running – without the stress.


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Client Love

“Laura is incredible! I was blown about at the high quality of branding design and I am so proud to use it for my small business. I cannot recommend her enough!”


About Alchemy

Alchemy Creative is a boutique branding studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

We offer compelling, custom-built branding and WordPress website design to passion-driven businesses throughout Australia and around the world.

With a collaborative approach and an emphasis on completely bespoke solutions, we’re here to help you unleash your full potential and confidently attract your dream client. 

Your dream + our expertise.
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